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Trust Singerly Manor Assisted Living in Cecil County for an outstanding alternative to other eldercare, senior housing and adult day care programs.

For the best in Assisted Living Services, come visit and experience for yourself the comfort and quality of Singerly Manor Assisted Living in beautiful Cecil County, Maryland.

In the process of managing the care of loved ones, families are often faced with difficult decisions in choosing the appropriate eldercare solution. Often, a nursing home is too institutional and costly, while Senior Housing and/or Adult Day Care or Adult Day Programs may not provide adequate services. Assisted Living at Singerly Manor fills the need for those who are not in need of a Nursing Facility, but want the comfort and security of independence with onsite assistance that is scaled to each individuals care needs.

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Needing Assistance Shouldn’t Mean Losing Independence!

At Singerly Manor, we believe that needing help with activities of daily living shouldn’t mean giving up one’s individuality or independence. While we assist our residents with activities of daily living, we encourage them to maintain an active and social lifestyle.

  • Trained, loving caregivers
  • 24 hour on-site supervision
  • Home-cooked, delicious meals
  • Planned activities and events
  • Personalized care plan
  • And so much more….!



Caring For Our Seniors

As time marches onward and new generations develop, our history becomes increasingly more important. Senior citizens are a great treasure to our society with their depth of experience and their perspectives on how events and decisions molded life as we know it. They can not only help the younger generation learn from the past’s imperfections, but they can also teach important character traits like humility, respect, responsibility, and compassion. Our nation’s senior citizens deserve to be cared for but still afforded a sense of independence. Through proper eldercare, we protect our senior population, narrow the generation gap, and enjoy life together.

The Need For Eldercare

Assisted living services is the answer and Singerly Manor proudly assumes that mantle. Singerly Manor Assisted Living’s residence is an eldercare facility with trained staff that can effectively care for your senior loved ones with compassion, devotion, and a truly personal touch. Our residents keep their independence while getting the assistance they need with various daily activities. Our staff is attentive 24-hours a day for help with tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, medications, and meal preparation.

Assisted Living versus Nursing Homes

Over the years, the public’s perceived differences between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities has blurred. Beyond that, the term “nursing home” has gained a negative connotation–becoming a dirty word in senior citizen homes across the country. That’s why it’s more common now to see businesses calling themselves “senior care centers” or “eldercare facilities”. Let’s clarify. Nursing Homes are a skilled nursing facility typically employed as a temporary residence for the purpose of rehabilitation following a hospitalization or significant decline in health; whereas Assisted Living Facilities are designed for seniors who are no longer able to live on their own safely but do not require skilled nursing care. Nursing Homes focus on two things: stabilizing and improving a senior’s health through daily therapy, or giving continuous care to those elderly individuals who are beyond the scope of care appropriate for assisted living. Assisted Living Facilities encourage independence and assist where needed.

Singerly Manor is a shining example of what an assisted living residence should be, from comfortable rooms to sincere personal care to daily schedule independence. We engage with your elderly loved ones with the respect they’ve earned and the compassion they deserve.

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Edna Mae Daughter of Ruth - resident since 5/2005 "The staff here at Singerly Manor takes very good care of my mom. She always looks clean and well groomed. They are concerned for her safety and health, they also have a good staff/ patient relationship. Mom likes all of them and they are good to her...

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