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Is it time to get yourself or your loved one a little extra care and support?
Life at Singerly Manor can provide that and more.
When an elderly adult lives with a prolonged disease or disability, they typically need additional support and care with daily activities. At Singerly Manor in Cecil County, MD, we are committed to our residents. We want them to understand that their well-being is our number one priority. Our trained and loving caregivers work with each resident and their family to determine the best way to meet their expectations.
Assisted living is appropriate for individuals who need minimum daily care. Their needs may not entail such a demanding level of care as one would receive in a nursing home, but more of an advanced level than what is given at home. Our support staff will assess each individual to determine the level of care needed and will develop a unique plan tailored to each resident.
The assisted living facility can range along the lines of a larger facility that provides care to many residents or it can be more of independent living care situation in a homelike or apartment setting, which allows the resident to feel a sense of independence. With all the support and care our residents receive from our assisted living caregivers, they get to enjoy the benefits of retired life without the weight of everyday responsibilities.
Our assisted living service is a long-term senior assisted living option that provides personal care support services for daily living activities:

  • Bathing – will guarantee safety getting into and out of the shower, help with standing, or full support with the bathing process
  • Dressing – will help with balancing while the resident dresses or undresses
  • Eating – will assist with meals and the feeding process
  • Medication Management – will manage and reorder prescriptions
  • Toileting – will assist with transferring on and off the toilet

Never worry about feeling alone. Singerly Manor can be the start of a new life for residents. With a full schedule of planned social activities, there are many opportunities for residents to mingle and build new friendships. Keeping the residents active and engaged prevents seclusion, which can lead to depression, health issues and forgetfulness.
Making the decision to accept assisted living can be hard on an individual and their family. The more informed you are about it, the easier it will be to embrace. Here at Singerly Manor in Elkton, MD, we want to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are more than happy to provide you with as much information as we can.
If you are interested in hearing what other residents and families have to say about our Assisted Living Facility here in Cecil County, MD, please refer to firsthand reviews & testimonials.
For senior assisted living you can count on, contact Singerly Manor today!

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Edna Mae Daughter of Ruth - resident since 5/2005 "The staff here at Singerly Manor takes very good care of my mom. She always looks clean and well groomed. They are concerned for her safety and health, they also have a good staff/ patient relationship. Mom likes all of them and they are good to her...

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