Four Reasons to Consider Adult Day Care For Your Loved One

adult day care providersAs the elderly population continues to age, a serious need for long-term care has arisen. While many seniors look to assisted living homes for support, assisted living isn’t a match for all seniors. Many seniors want to continue living independent lives at home, and considering seniors the age of 64 are living 14 years longer than they were in 1960, many are remaining independent for longer. For these individuals, adult day care may be the best option.

Here are four reasons to consider adult day care for your loved one:

  1. A Sense of Purpose
    As we age, it’s important to continually be instilled with a sense of purpose. Without purpose, we often feel lost. With retirement behind them and their children grown and independent, finding purpose is often something that many seniors struggle with. Adult day care provides seniors with a sense of purpose and a reason to wake up each morning, as they will be met with activities and social events that they would not otherwise experience.
  2. Much Needed Supervision
    For seniors who are no longer able to care for themselves, assisted living facilities are always an option, as they provide 24/7 care. But for those who are able to live at home independently, adult day care helps to increase their independence in many ways. Ultimately providing supervision for these seniors will prevent accidents from happening and will prolong their independent living, keeping them from resorting to senior housing.
  3. Helps Overall Health
    As seniors age, many are unable to properly care for themselves; this includes nutritionally. By sending your loved one to adult day care, you can ensure that they are eating full, and nutritious meals that will ultimately positively affect their overall health.
  4. Relief for Caretakers
    Taking care of an elderly parent or loved one can be time consuming and emotionally difficult — particularly when you have a career and family on top of it. Professional adult day care providers have the knowledge, compassion, and know-how to adequately care for your loved one and will give you the freedom to work and fulfill your responsibilities without worrying about their well-being. Adult day care providers also allow you to take the days off needed to restore your physical and mental health, which should always be a priority.