May 25 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day

senior housing optionsOn Wednesday, May 25, 1,000 organizations across the country are coming together to help celebrate the 23rd Annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day. The holiday is considered the nation’s biggest health promotion event for elderly individuals. Senior Health and Fitness Day involves hospitals, health clubs, nursing homes, and senior living communities across the country, working to emphasize the importance of health and fitness in elderly individuals’ lives.

According to statistics, nearly seven out of 10 American adults will ultimately require some form of long-term care. That being said, the unfortunate truth is that many seniors over the age of 75 experience a great deal of problems when it comes to their physical condition. Regular activity can dramatically improve the condition of many of these ailments. Additionally, regular physical activities and active hobbies such as gardening, dancing, or bicycle riding can improve a senior’s quality of life, stimulating them both physically and mentally.

And this day is especially pertinent for elderly individuals living in assisted living communities. In adult day care communities and retirement homes, residents are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and participate in frequent activities and events. While no two assisted living facilities are the same, almost all senior housing options offer a plethora of activities that are good for both the body and the aging mind. Many of the complications and issues associated with nursing home neglect — such as falls, bedsores, and UTIs — can be avoided with regular fitness and implemented nutrition programs. Luckily, top quality senior housing options will offer 24/7 for those who need it, no matter what.

Overall, more than 10,000 seniors are anticipated to participate in this annual event. If your loved one is residing in a senior facility or is receiving any form of long term care from a provider that is participating in Annual Senior Health and Fitness Day, encourage them to participate.